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Ask App for iPhone or Android Phone/Tablet

Based in Oakland, California and founded in 1996 ‘’ is one of the most known search engines among internet users, which answers the questions. application can be easily and quickly downloaded in iPhone or in an Android phone, that too for free. So whenever you need to search something, by using this application you can search it easily. App for Your iPhone or Android Phone/ Tablet

The search will be made according to the question entered in it. It will come out with all the possible search results for your entered query. InterActiveCorp currently owns this which is an internet corporation that is New York based.

Downloading this app will make you free from opening the website of from web-browser every now and then, as you will have direct access to it in the form of application, which will save your time. One should go for this application and as mentioned above it is very simple to have it. And it’s for free, so without much delay, by following the below mentioned steps download it.

Now let us see how one can get the handy application for the iPhone or Android phone:
All that you require is a computer that is connected to the Internet and you must have an iPhone or an Android Phone. You should also possess Apple ID or an Android account and its password.

Now follow the below mentioned steps one by one:
  • Firstly go to the website of, URL for which is:
  • A link marked as “iPhone”, or “Android” will be found on the bottom of the page. Click on that link.
  • The link marked “Get Ask for iPhone” is to be clicked by the iPhone users while “Get Ask for Android,” is to be opened by the people who use an Android phone. The section labeled as “Ask for iPhone” will be containing this entire links.
  • The installation process is to be completed as assisted by app store on iTunes and for Android, it has to be according to app store at Google.
  • For more assistance, you can refer this link:
  • So get benefitted by this application, and install it on your iPhone or Android phone and have access to one of the most popular search engine. As told earlier it is easy and totally free for downloading. So without much delay go for it by following the above mentioned steps.
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