How to Extend the Life of My Personal Computer – Tips for Clean Up PC


How to Extend the Life of My Personal Computer – Tips for Clean Up PC

When your computer is working down, do you think to change a computer? You have decided buy a new PC. There are some ways to increase your computer’s life. Likely, our body, our house is requiring regular cleaning. Like same as our PC also need to regular cleaning.

How to Extend the Life of My Personal Computer – Tips for Clean Up PC

Clean out the dust:

Computer occur lot of heats. Fans of computer help to decrease the heat of computer. In many situations, Fan does not work properly that time many internal component of computer will be crush. Fan suck in dust which do not cool components properly that time internal parts will failure. That’s why, computer require regular cleaning.

You have a desktop PC then, shut down your computer and remove side panel of computer after than remove dust from it. Laptop requires other kind of surgery such as, turn off your laptop. After that remove its battery and unplug AC adapter. Using screwdriver, remove laptop’s panel. You can see fan in panel. Clean the fan. After cleaning battery and panel, replace it. Laptop should run smoothly and faster.

Clean out the junk:

Every season you remove junk from your house like that your computer contains “Junk files” which produced by Windows and other program. Using Piriform’s Cleaner option you can remove unnecessary junk from your computer that option is available for Windows and Mac.

Defrag your hard drive--if you have to:

Defragmenting is definition of organizing files. Using disk defragmenter you maintain your computer’s files. Defragmentation is a well technique to defragment your computer.

There are some steps using this to defragment your computer:
Step-1: Click on “Tools” menu.
Step-2: Select “Disk Defragment” option.
Step-3: After clicking on “Disk Defragment” program that defrag a disk in few hours.

Wipe the hard drive:

If you want to clean your computer then wipe your computer hard drive and re-install Windows. Before re-installing windows first of all, take backup of important files in external hard drive. you can also use system restore using that its take backup of all contains of your computer.

After re-installing Windows, you can take back contains in your computer using system restore. When this process is completed, your computer’s performance is great.