British Gas Bill Payment Online - Home Energy Top Up


British Gas Bill Payment Online - Home Energy Top Up

British Gas Company has provided a new exclusive facility to their customers is Home Energy Top Up. With this facility, they have easily paid their electricity and gas bill at any time. Because of it online process. They provide prepayment energy services through the device of Home Energy Top Up. Here we will discuss on British gas top up card replacement and outlets.

British Gas is a United Kingdom’s company who provides energy and home services like gas and electricity. It was established in 1812 with name Gas, Light and Coke Company. In 1997 it became a British Gas plc. Now they an advanced facility to customers is online bill payment an exclusive device.

Home Energy Top Up is an exclusive device, offered service in British Gas Company. There are you can able to add credit to your key/card for your energy services from the comfort of your own home or office. It is only available to those who have received this connection. This plugs into the USB port of your computer and acts like a card reader for your energy card/key.

With connecting this key/card you can proceed your bill payment. And it is totally free to them, who get within 30 days of being sent the starter pack. After that, there is charge fee of £10 for each connector. With this device, you can proceed at any time. You can enjoy freely this service with getting it in particular time.

How can this device (Home Energy Top Up) works you can follow given below steps

  1. Plug your Home Energy Top Up device into the USB port on your computer.
  2. Then insert your card/key into your device.
  3. Visit the site of Home Energy Top Up and enter your debit cards require details to make a payment.
  4. Now your payment is authorized, they will transfer the credit onto your card/key. Then insert it into your meter to top it up as usual.

For using online payment method you can once register on the official website. After that, you can pay your bill through many different ways for payment and that is as given below:

Direct Debit: 

  • Monthly fixed Direct Debit: It can direct debit from your as per monthly fixed rate.  
  • Monthly variable Direct Debit: It is automatically debited on the basis of how much amount you can use given month. 
  • Quarterly Variable Direct Debit: It is debited on the Quarterly basis on your meter reading. 

For paying your bill by direct debit you have four options to pay the bill

  1. Smartphone App.: You can download this British Gas App on your mobile and easily make payment. 
  2. Paying Online: For online paying, you need an account on the official website. It is a best and easiest method. 
  3. Paying by SMS text message: Here also need a registration, for registration call on 0800 048 0202.
  4. Automated payment line: You can make payment at any time by phone, call on 0800 107 0224 and provide your Customer Reference Number for proceeding. 

Internet banking: You can payment through Internet banking during banking hours. Use your Customer Reference Number as the reference and proceed ahead.

By Post: For payment through post you send your cheque with Customer reference number and bill payment slip on given below British Gas company’s address
British Gas,
Payment Area 55,
Camberley GU95 1AB

At a Post Office, bank or Pay Point outlet: 
Payment through Post Office or Bank you can pay by cheque or cash with write customer reference on the back side and there must remember to take a slip of payment bill given by British Gas.

By Pay Point method you can pay only in cash and there take your whole bill with you.

Payment Card: In this method, amount count on the basis and divided into monthly basis and you have to pay on this base.

British Gas has provided unique and different methods for payment of your gas and electricity bills. So you can use this advanced method and save your precious time. And there are no extra charges for this technique. So don’t to worry about any extra charges.

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