Close an iCloud Account - How to Remove iCloud Email Address


Close an iCloud Account - How to Remove iCloud Email Address

iCloud is service. it allows you to store the anything like, photos, videos, movies, important file, software etc. You can get the back up of your computer or mobile in it. But you must be doing syncing your iOS device regularly for iTunes facility of that device. It has lots of features like email, contacts, documents, calendar etc.

How to remove icloud email account

This all are automatically syncing because of it are digitally connected. You can update the version of iCloud any time when you want to do it. It provide service like synchronizing and back up. But sometimes, people want to delete it.

Here, some instruction steps are defined by following it you can delete your iCloud account

Delete iCloud from an iOS Device

Step-1: First of all, you must be navigating your device home screen.
Step-2: After that, you should lunch setting application in your device.
Step-3: In setting application, you type iCloud word in search box of it.
Step-4: You can see the iCloud app in it. you open it.
Step-5: In iCloud application, you should find manage storage option by writing that name in its search box.
Step-6: You must be selecting all the application which you store in your iCloud account.
Step-7: Then you can click on delete all option.
Step-8: After that you select back up button of manage storage application. You can delete another application from iCloud account. For that you must be repeat step 6 and 7.
Step-9: You can go on home page of iCloud account by clicking on back button.
Step-10: You can see the delete account option bottom side of page. You can delete your account by click on it. It will ask for confirmation you want to delete your account surely then you can delete your account by click on delete button.
Step-11: After that you select "Keep On My [Device]" option for storing content on your iOS device and you can select "Delete from My [Device]" option by it you can clear your iOS device’s memory.

Delete iCloud from a Computer

Step-1: You can access the control of iCloud by control panel of computer.
Step-2: You can select the iCloud from the start menu of your PC.
Step-3: You must be click on sign out button of iCloud account.
Step-4: After that, you choose the option keep copy by which you can keep the copy of your contents in your computer.
Step-5: If you select delete from computer option then it completely delete your account.
Step-6: While keep contact option store your contact in your computer when, delete contact delete all the contact from your account.
Step-7: After deleting account, you must be restarting your computer.

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