GetResponse Account Login Guide - Email creator and Email Marketing


GetResponse Account Login Guide - Email creator and Email Marketing

Email marketing is the recent trends for marketing and has proved very effective. There are many software and websites that supports email marketing and helps with increase in sales. GetResponse provides very simple and easy interface for email marketing. GetResponse offers an integrated marketing solution and provides email sending, newsletter publishing, preparing online surveys and auto responders to deliver information to its subscribers.

GetResponse Account Login Guide - Email creator and Email Marketing

GetResponse coordinates with major ISPs and email service providers and ensures undisrupted delivery of email to its customers. It operates in about 200 countries and delivers over 800 billion messages every year.

GetResponse has about 3, 00,000 active accounts and it allows robust message personalization, smart tracking features and anti-spam filters. It also provides customer support and materials for successful e-marketing. For email marketing, you need to have an account with it. Once you have an account, you can login anytime. Following is the GetResponse login guide.

How to login in GetResponse Account?

  1. Visit the website at Click on the “Login” button displayed in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Provide your username and password in the specified box. Click on the “Login” button.

GetResponse Email Marketing

Email marketing is made very easy with GetResponse. It provides great email designs that give excellent look on computers, smartphones, tablet etc. You can design and preview the email. Responsive email designs offered by GetResponse works wonder and provide 42% more sales. They provides trial version, so it can be tried before taking decision to purchase it.

To run the campaign effectively and make it sure about which offer works best with audience, it provides testing, analyzing and optimization of any element of the message such as subject, best time of the day to send a mail etc.

It also provides email marketing automation. With automation, emails regarding follow-up cycles, birthday emails, emails with customized offers can be sent.

Email creator gives you unimaginable creative power with its drag and drop editor. It provides features such as multiple email templates, large number of editing options, allows photo editing, change of color and fonts, addition of social sharing buttons etc.

You can create customized, attractive landing pages very easily with landing page creator and promo landing pages can be created and published instantly. It also allows hosting of it on a dedicated URL that can be integrated with e-commerce and social media platform for a very nominal charge.

It provides the social sharing button that allows readers to share newsletter instantly. All the social reactions are tracked and analysed report is prepared that identifies networks with high impact and audience that is the most engaged. This is done automatically. Email intelligence makes tracking, gauging and analyzing a pleasant experience.