Narendra Modi Speech Video as Prime Minister – Indian P M Interview


Narendra Modi Speech Video as Prime Minister – Indian P M Interview

Narendra Damodardas Modi, everyone knows him as Narendra Modi. He is an Indian (Gujrati) politician and he is at the position of 14th Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat. He is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and now a day he is the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP. He became as the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat's history, from 2007 to present. All fan of Mr. Modi, waiting for their Speech Video as Prime Minister. Watch now India’s new PM’s interview video.

Narendra Modi Speech Video as Prime Minister – Indian P M Interview

India is not developed country but it is still counted in developing countries list. And it’s not became a developed by BJP or Congress, but it is an aim of Indians to watch our country as developed. For being this want anyone to circulate all, and it was decided by voting so everyone keep in mind and please don’t sell your vote and choose a right leader for our country.

And now we have two leaders BJP and Congress. Narendra Modi from BJP, currently he is also on the post of Gujarat’s Chief Minister. On April-May, 2014 election has been held in the country, and now time to wait for result.  And this time Modi have a great chance to win. Weather he win or not it doesn’t matter but he became a Prime Minister, Our country India definitely getting positive changes.

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Because we seen changes in Gujarat State after he became as Chief Minister. Before he come Gujarat condition also same as others states of the country. Gujarat is one and only state among the country where girls is safe even at night time. He most focuses on Gender violence and women's rights.

Now I want to say why Narendra Modi capable for the Post of Prime Minister and that is as given below:

Development: Everybody is known about the development he has brought in Gujarat.

Maintaining law and order: India has facing the biggest challenge of corruption. And Modi cleared about his image of corruption; he is very strict about law and order.

Smart Personality work: You can either love him or hate him but can’t ignore him. This is mainly because of his strong Personality skills. He has a good communication and work skill.

His quotes: He is also popular for making some remarkable quotes. He once said in his speech that he is only a servant of India and not a Ruler.

Solving issues: He is always conscious about his duty, and always been responsible for solving serious issues in his state.

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So after read all this we think that no one can better than Modi for this Prime Minister Post because He says that Politics is not his Ambition, but it’s a Mission for him.