Go to Epic Adventure Game to Win a Prize - Capri Sun Coupons


Go to Epic Adventure Game to Win a Prize - Capri Sun Coupons

Kraft Food has come up with the new program which has become very famous. The Epic Adventure Instant Win Game is an online game sponsored by company. The player can get rewarded simply playing a game. There are 3 types of games showed on the screen, of which each have a different prize to be won. There is a restriction of playing one game per day. Like others, there is no need of any purchase.

Epic Adventure Game to Win a Prize - Capri Sun Coupons

There are 3 kinds of prizes to be won; number of 3 people is to win Grand Prizes (a prize per theme), 105 First Prizes and 1,950 Second Prizes. The grand prize includes the trip to Africa, the Great Barrier Reef or Hawaii and that includes air travel, hotel accommodations, activities related to the trip as well as $2,000 in spending money.

How Can You Enter the “Epic Adventure” Instant Win Game to Win a Prize?

We are required with:
  • A computer or any other device that provides you with an active access to the internet connection is required.
  • You must be a legal resident of the U.S.
  • To take part in the contest, you need to be a minimum of age 6 and maximum of age 18 years old.

Step By Step Guide
  1. Switch on the computers of devices you are to work with.
  2. When it is ready to use, click on the browser you are to work with. 
  3. After the browser gets opened, you need to simply enter the address of “Epic Adventure” in the address bar so as to visit their website. The link for same is
  4. When the page gets opened, click on the button marked as “REGISTER”, the same will be present on the upper right of the web page.
  5. Now after the last step, select between month, day, year of your birthday and click on the button present in the blue color marked with “NEXT”.
  6. Now, enter the log in details like entering the username, password, security question, answer accordingly and then click on the blue button which is marked with name of “SUBMIT”.
  7. Now to enjoy the game, simply follow the instructions present on the screen. This will lead you to uninterrupted game.

If you are playing and you won something, you will be notified, and to claim the same, follow the on screen instruction to claim your prize.

For further information, or any answer to the doubt if you have, simply click on the line i.e., it is official website of Kraft Foods.

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