Money Gram Bill Pay Process, Fees, Codes and Locations


Money Gram Bill Pay Process, Fees, Codes and Locations

Now a day’s available different types of facilities for make payment at last minute.  Money Gram is also such a type of provider. They transfer money in safe and quick manner without using bank. They can transfer money from one country to another at any time. They provide services like bill-paying, prepaid credit cards and money-order purchasing. They spread over 194 countries. That is similar to the Western Union.

Money Gram Bill Pay Process, Fees, Codes and Locations

Money Gram has approximately 180,000 Money gram agents are found around the world.  While transferring money through an agent, senders must have required photo identification and fill a form with require all details and submit to agent. Agent collect fund and do transfer process. There is given a confirmation number. If receiver shows that then he gives that fund.

Here different three charges for transfer and that is depending upon the process is the amount of money the users send, money transfer option the user chooses and last but not the least, depending on the country’s currency to which the country user sends money.

There is different way for payment:

Pay Online: They can pay with simply visit on There is must require debit or credit card for the payment.

Pay in person: You can also pay your bills to visit nearest Money Gram location. To find location of nearest Money Gram call on 1-800-926-9400.

Prepaid Credit: This is the most popular in people. In this method you can load money in advance and whenever you want get cash from ATM.

Payment of Utility Bill: By this method in Money Gram users can easily pay their water, phone, electric, gas and other bills in cash. After made the payment, the payment notification is sent to the biller on the same day.

You can get benefits join with Money Gram like Guaranteed cash payments, Express Payment Service, No risk of NSF or returns and with guaranteed safety.

Money Gram can provide different type of facility like quick bill payment and transfer money. SO join them and enjoys with their advanced facilities.

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