How to Create Your Own Chores & Rewards Board for Kids

For parents, it seems very difficult to engage their children in proper work schedule, especially when they are on vacation. Instead of constant reminding about work, it is easy to put the same order visually in front of them by making chores. Its engrave independence and responsibility in a child. The following are steps to do it simply.

Create Your Own Chores & Rewards Board for Kids

Instructions to make Own Chores & Rewards Board

  1. Make a list of chores that you want to create for your child. Then take a chart paper or page. On the top of the page, write your child’s name. Title name should be attractive by using colorful pens. You can use red marker. Give a title such as "This Week's Activities" or any other title. 
  2. By using black marker pen, draw a grid line of eight columns. First column should be widest and have enough space to write chores of the day. Give a title in first column and in the rest of seven columns, write the days of the week. If more than one child will be using the board, make the grid boxes large enough to contain more than one check mark or symbol.
  3. Prepare a list of work that you like to complete by your child during a week. Make a rough schedule first on the scratch pad or scrap paper. Figure out chore order, number of chores, and other details before directly put on chart.
  4. Draw rows according to list of cores in fact make more than necessity so that you can fill/ add them as per your need. In short, make a perfect chart according to requirement. 
  5. Before making final chart, explain and discuss it with your child. Chores chart should be simple and understandable. Explain the importance of chores chart to your child and also explain how to make it useful. 
  6. You can include corresponding reward and non compulsory chores for extra rewards. Chart should be hanged at the place where your child can easily read. Make your chores chart attractive with stickers. You can also explain your child to make a sign or sticker or any other drawing on completed chore. 
  7. To encourage children, you can include the names of all family members and also write their chores of whole day, a week. A child will not feel burden on him by doing this. Use different markers for each member.